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RE: Wall St Camera order problem

>	Can you help me identify a lens I have?  The picture lens reads" Sun 
>aux. WIDEANGLE   Model 66    No. 56131  Japan"  The view lens reads," =
>Sun  WIDEANGLE VIEWER Model 66   no.55028   Japan".   These came in a =
>leather case with a twin lens 1960 Rolleiflex I bought.   Any help from =
>                                                                   =
>Michael A. Elia
I have one myself, bayonet II. The lenses are made in Japan and have poor 
quality. I think that this solution for a problem (TLR's have non-removeble 
lenses) is lowering the total quality of your Rolleiflex. So, consider it as 
a nice-to-have-seen accessory and try it once for your general education.
Hope this will do.
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Name: Hans van Dorssen

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