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Re: Digest form?

Willem-Jan Markerink wrote:
> On  6 Dec 96 at 10:04, David T. Wong wrote:
> > This list is great for a begining Rollei person.  The only wish I have is
> > to get the list as a digest rather than individual emails.
> > .... Is there a Rollei Digest mailing list?  Thanks.
> There is a digest available (don't know how), but you are far better
> off by installing a good mail reader like Pegasus/WinPmail. You can
> then filter all incoming mail and move it to separate mail folders,
> with each mailinglist its own folder ....


To subscribe to the Rollei Digest, send a mail message to:
Majordomo   containing the line:

subscribe rollei-digest

Leave the "subject" line blank.


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