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Re: Wall Street Snafu

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> From: Harold Bean <HB-Foto  >
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: Re: Wall Street Snafu
> Date: Thursday, December 05, 1996 8:01 PM
> In all honesty, I've never dealt with Wall Street Camera, though I've
> with AI Camera and the lens I ordered was missing a plastic part for the
> stop-down lever which was never told to me. I've stayed clear of
> Smile, Wall Street, and Cambridge. Don't trust them very much to deliver
> what's asked or paid for. I've ordered from the following with good
> and pleasant dealings:
> All Seasons
> Cameta ( though they held on to my refund for two months)
> Brooklyn Camera Exchange
> B&H (excellent, but high prices)
> KOH'S Cameras
> Pacific Rim
> Midwest Photo
> Woodmere
> Since Wall Street is in New York, you may want to contact them first. See
> if they're willing to negotiate return, refund, or pay for parts. I don't
> know the specific Better Business Laws in New York, but if you're
> dissatisfied with their service, you may want to contact the New York
> of Commerce or their Better Business Bureau.
> One other thing is a special site I have in my favorites folder that
> polls of mail order camera businesses from individuals and categorizes
> according to honesty and reliability. This is very important in dealing
> with retail businesses in the U.S. You can find the site at:
> http://www.gtlug.org/photo_stores_survey.txt and the other site I believe
> is: http://math.liu.se/~behal/photo/photographic_mail_order_survey.
> Also, you might try Marflex at (201) 808-9626/Fax (201) 808-1706. This is
> the Rollei Authorized Service Center.
> Harold
> P.O. Box 41934
> Sacramento, CA 95841-0934


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