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Wall St Camera order problem

I'm in the UK and I've just received an order from Wall St Camera; a
Rollei SL66 handgrip. But there is a problem; the nut or screw that
tightens to hold the cable release in place wasn't included, which makes
it, as far as I can see, pretty much unusable with a cable release. It
was advertised as being in condition "LN-" which I take to mean "Like
New Minus"- but not to mean "Like New Minus an Essential Part"! I'm not
really sure what to do next; I suppose I should contact them and ask
them to - what? Find the missing part? I can't quite see them finding it
in the corner somewhere... Part of my difficulty is that I really don't
know who I'm dealing with here- this was my first order from Wall St
(and also my first transAtalantic email order). If anyone on this list
is used to dealing with them, perhaps they could suggest a next move?
Maybe there is a source for the missing part.
- -- 
Joe B.