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Re: Rollei prism

The insides of the Rollei prisms were coated or sprayed with a flat black
paint to reduce reflections. Sounds to me like your paint is loosening.
Suggest removal of prism inside housing. Scrape as much of the old paint
off and after cleaning with denatured alcohol; tape the outside of the
prism so it's fully protected with masking tape and paper; then buy a good
commercial auto flat black spray paint and repaint the inside. I have done
this to one of my lens hoods and it came out excellent.


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> From: Matthew L. Phillips <mlphillips  >
> To: Rollei  us
> Subject: Rollei prism
> Date: Monday, December 02, 1996 6:46 AM
> Greetings,
> I've a Rollei prism for my twin lens cameras that is depositing a sort of
> black powdery substance on the focus screen. The prism does not appear to
> be desilvering, so I'd guess that this is some sort of coating in the
> housing that is wearing off. I can always remove the prism and blow off
> screen, but this has become rather annoying. Can it be rectified?
> Thanks.
> M.Phillips