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It's a Trademark! OFF-TOPIC

At 01:33 AM 12/2/96 +0000, you wrote:

>This is more a Zeiss query than a Rollei query I suppose so apologies to
>all- I just ordered a Super Ikonta A 531 which apparently has an Opton
>Tessar ?/f3.5 also. What I'm curious about is- what is the difference
>between an Option Tessar and a Tessar? And any knowledge/opinions about
>the performance?

Boy, you guys REALLY ought to rush out and buy Barringer & Small, THE ZEISS
COMPENDIUM, where all this is covered.  (Just a friendly -- and QUITE
non-commercial! -- hint.)

At the end of WWII, the Zeiss Jena plant, their main facility, fell into the
hands of the Russians who were not then at war with the Japanese Empire.
The Allies were interested in using Zeiss optics for the Pacific War,
especially if it became protracted.  The primary interest was in medical lab
stuff;  they also wanted the Pleon aerial-recon lens, but this was being
produced at a small Zeiss plant in Munich.  Therefore, the US Army moved
several hundred of the Zeiss production and design folks to the American
zone and gave them an unused plant, one built, ironically, to make aircraft
landing gear for the Leitz concern (NOT the Leica camera folks, another
company, another family.)  This plant was at Oberkochen.

Lenses made at Oberkochen bore the Zeiss-Opton name until the West German
courts awarded the Western firm full ownership of Zeiss patents and
trademarks.  From 1 September '53, Zeiss-Opton was replaced by 'Carl Zeiss',
still used today.

The Tessar was tweaked a bit, but not markedly redesigned.  A Zeiss-Opton
Tessar is fundamentally identical to the Prewar (Carl Zeiss Jena) lens save
for its coating.


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