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"Good little non-Rolleis" thread revisited yet again

In article <Pine.A41.3.95.961201001810.70460A-100000  ,
aelsc  writes
>Thank you Marc for identifying my MX.   Lens is Zeiss-Opton 75-3.5 Tessar
>with the red "T" (number 906286).   I guess you could say that it has
>coatings but these are very subtle, faint bluish hue.

This is more a Zeiss query than a Rollei query I suppose so apologies to
all- I just ordered a Super Ikonta A 531 which apparently has an Opton
Tessar ?/f3.5 also. What I'm curious about is- what is the difference
between an Option Tessar and a Tessar? And any knowledge/opinions about
the performance?
- -- 
Joe B.