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Re: Books for the novice

>Here is something that I have wondered about for years.  What do letters
>"DBP"  and "DBGM" on top near hood hinge mean.  I am sure the answer is in
>those books but please dont keep me guessing any longer... 

Quoting Arthur Evans' "Collectors Guide to Rollei Cameras", page 10:
 One question often asked is, "What do the small letters on the nameplates
 mean?" All of these letters have to do with German patents and 
 DBP is Deutsches Bundes Patent, DRP is Deutsches Reichs Patent, DBGM is 
 Deutsches Bundes Gebrauchs Musterschutz (trade mark) and DRGM is 
 Reichs Gebrauchs Musterschutz.