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new to list/question about rollei accessories

new to the list, thought id announce myself...

names joel - happy owner of a rollei 3.5 xenar (mx-evs, i beleive) serials
1455996 (body),
 3934379 (taking lens), 532236 (viewing lens).

ive never been a hugely great photographer - i actually ended up buying my
rollei after taking
 a few shots with a friends 2.8 and finding that i liked the feel of it
much much more than my
 35mm (that i hadnt used in a long long time) - its actually much
rejuvenated my moderate
 interest in photography - in short, its made it *fun* again. ive fallen in
love with the solid,
 steady feel of the camera itself, and its construction (its a tank, in
fact - mine took a good hit
 on the lower right corner of the focusing plate that the previous
(original) owner said he had
 never had looked at since he just wasnt using the camera anymore - i had
it checked out before
 i bought it, and the plate isnt even off the smallest fraction!).

i also thought i might ask a question about what accessories were/are
available for the 3.5 rolleis,
 and which of them are most useful for general photography... a
photographer friend of mine has
 shrugged off the tele/macro lenses in conversation with me, and i was
curious as to good references
 as to whats available and what other rollei fans might recommend...


- -joel

     joel metz
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