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Re: Replacement screens?

I posed this question to users of Rollei TLR's because I seem to have a
focusing problem with my new Beattie screen that I don't have with plain or
microprism screens. When I used the magnifier in the hood, I found my
eyeglasses have to be touching the magnifier in order to check for sharp
focus and without the magnifier, I really can't tell when it's in focus or
not since the edges seem softer than the rangefinder spot. I believe I may
try another focusing screen and see if the results are the same. Posing
this question on what everyone else has used gives me a better idea to what
may work better.


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> From: Jeff Spirer <jeffs  >
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: Re: Replacement screens?
> Date: Sunday, October 27, 1996 6:17 PM
> At 01:52 PM 10/27/96 -0800, Harold Bean wrote:
> >Could anyone answer the question of whether a plain grid screen may be
> >better than a split image screen for a user Rollei TLR.
> I think this depends on how you focus and how you are shooting.  I put a
> screen in with the split image and I never use the split image. 
> this is because I do some much on-tripod work and it is a real pain to
> to move the camera to refocus using the screen.  Also, at times I find
> split image confusing because I think that things are in focus when I
> at it because I am so used to focusing on ground glass.  Given the
> opportunity, I would not get the split image again.  But if you shoot
> handheld most of the time, it is probably less of a problem.
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