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Photos of Rollei's on the net

hey gang, there's a sequential tour of Rollei's history on an 
unreadable asian site at:


It's weird and it's beered and now I know what a 3003 looks like.

I wonder why Rollei never put a rangefinder in their 35. To keep to 
the ethic of as small as possible? Why did all these super german 
camera makers go bankrupt? I heard Samsung is bankrolling 50 more 
design engineers for Rollei.What to make of it all?

Will these manic manchurian mannikins ever gain success, fortune and
a taste for beer by tugging the strings of the Rollei box kite? Can
they fly their teutonic sausage-slicers ever higher towards the light
of beauty and truth? Do they have the mettle?

Or will they all become consumed by the pillar of fire of consumptive
consumerism? That primeval ethic of want / take, whipped into a
world wide frenzy by the diligent stroking of marketing worms
obsessed with riding out their throb on the great stallion of fashion
before the over bloated tower finally bursts and falls limp, only to
land in the pool of it's own plastic profusion? With a sickly splat?
And who says APS has killed medium format? Lies! 

Deep into the night, in a clammy darkness of sleeplessness and
sweat, not even the brooding beligerence of BobS31 knows for sure. 

                                               rick dickulous


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