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Re: A bit of Rolleicord trivia...

At 08:21 AM 10/3/96 -0400, KEITH R. STETSON wrote:

>Parker states that "the red Schneider triangle kite mark
>was discontinued from about camera number 1,535,000."
>Well, nearly 1,110,000 cameras later, my Xenar has the
>red kite mark!

Well, several notes here:

First, Parker really makes a lot of historical researchers a bit
queasy.  Most of his data is quite accurate, but he is equally quite
wrong on other items, and it is difficult to sort the wheat from the
chaff.  Also, his editing is so abyssmal that it is quite difficult to
figure out what he means to say, like reading a dirty French novel translated
into English by a British parson.

Second, the marking was applied by Schneider, not F&H.  When Zeiss quit using
the red "T" to designate their coated lenses -- which occurred when the West
Zeiss concern (at Oberkochen, using a different s/n range than that used by the
East German Carl Zeiss Jena concern) shifted from marking their lenses
to "Carl Zeiss" -- Schneider, Carl Zeiss Jena, and even the Soviets followed
I would guess the lens changeover number for Schneider lenses is at about
or so.  The equivalent s/n for Carl Zeiss lenses is in the low 1,000,000
range, for
Carl Zeiss Jena is in the 5,000,000 range, and for the Soviets is about 1960
or so
(Soviet lenses, for the most part, have the year of manufacture as the first
two digits of the serial number, as in "60xxxxxx".)


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