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The List

The List founder and Administrator is Marc James Small. The Rollei List is dedicated to the technical history of the evolution of the Rolleiflex camera from its original inception by Franke & Heidecke as a stereo camera in the 1920's to the medium-forma and digital cameras produced today. The list emphasis is on the rapid development of lens and shutter designs spurred by the Rolleiflex cameras over the past nine decades and the impact these cameras had on the evolving technology of digital photography.

The Rollei List is on Freelists. The Info Page can be found at:

A Rollei List FAQ page is available from this site.

The List Archives

The Rollei List Archives site is maintained by Ferdi Stutterheim. He can be contacted by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. The archives consist of two parts. The historic archive from the ‘’ era (June 1996 - December 2004) is hosted on this site. In 2005 hosting of the List was moved to Freelists. Links to the present Rollei List Archive at the Freelists site are provided for your convenience.

The List of Rolleiflex Repair Shops

Over the years a number of addresses of repair shops for Rolleiflex cameras have surfaced on the List. They have been collected by Ferdi. The List of Rolleiflex Repair Shops is published on his Rolleigraphy Users Site. The link will take you to that site and opens the page in a new frame or tab.


In 2004 a second users group by the name of Rolleiusers was established. The majority of the membership of the original List seem to be members of both groups. A relatively small number prefer to be member of just one of the groups. Rolleiusers is part of Yahoo Groups. There are no archives pages within the Yahoo structure. Archived mail can be accessed through the homepage. The Rolleiusers homepage can be found here.

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